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Searching for the perfect combination of beauty and functionality for your outdoor space? American Fence and Deck offers quality commercial and residential wood fencing services that transform your property into a beautiful sanctuary.

Wood fencing are beautiful, easy to install and will last for years with little maintenance. They are strong, sturdy and easily customizable for height, width, and number of gates.

Our exquisite wood fencing panels and expert craftsmanship bring nature’s best to your doorstep. Embrace the wooden charm with its beautiful textures and unparalleled durability.

Our wood fences are designed to provide privacy, enhance security, and accentuate your landscaping. We understand that your home is your haven, and our wood fences are here to make it even more exceptional.

Choose From Available Wood Fencing Types for Strength and Style

Enhance your property with wood fences that offer both durability and visual appeal. Our additional wood fence options provide strength, customizability, and an appealing aesthetic.

Experience the magic of wood fences – which bring timeless elegance and unrivalled functionality to your property.

Wood and Wire Fence: Functionality and Aesthetics in Harmony

Achieve privacy without sacrificing an open feel with a wood and wire fence. Perfect for gardens, parks, and commercial spaces, this design provides security while maintaining unobstructed views. Discover the balance of practicality and beauty.

Wood Fencing Gates: The Grand Entrance

Make a statement with exquisitely crafted wood fence gates. Enhance accessibility and security while adding a touch of elegance to your property. Customizable to your style, these gates are the perfect addition to complete your fence.

Wood Fence Pickets: Adding Character and Charm

Infuse personality into your fence with unique wood fence pickets. Choose from various shapes, sizes, and finishes to create a fence that reflects individuality. Let your creativity shine as you define the character of your outdoor space.

Wood Panel Fencing: Versatility and Privacy in One

Experience the versatility and privacy of a wood panel fence. This style offers seclusion and serves as a sound barrier, making it ideal for both residential and commercial properties. Customize your fence to achieve the perfect combination of elegance and functionality.

Open and Striking: 3-Board, 4-Board, and Cross Buck Fences

Experience the beauty of open and visually striking fences with our 3-board, 4-board, and cross-buck designs. These fences feature evenly spaced horizontal boards or crossed diagonal boards, adding a touch of elegance to your outdoor space. Customize the height, width, and number of gates to achieve your desired look.

Enhanced Safety and Security: Welded Wire Addition

Safety is our priority. Add welded wire to the back of your wood fence to create an extra layer of protection. Keep children and pets safe inside your property while effectively keeping unwanted wildlife out. Enjoy peace of mind with a fence that ensures both security and peace of mind.

Wood and Metal Fence: Style and Durability Combined

Elevate your property with a striking wood and metal fence. This fusion of elegance and strength offers a modern look that stands the test of time. Experience the best of both worlds with the warmth of wood and the durability of metal.

Privacy Wood Fencing

Privacy fences offer the most protection from potential burglars while also keeping your children and pets safe. Wooden fences can be painted or stained to match or complement the finish on your home.

American Fence & Deck Wooden Fence

Which Type of Wood Fencing is Good for You?

Here are our Expert Recommendations

Cedar Wood Fence: Timeless Beauty, Unmatched Durability

Enhance your property with the timeless appeal of cedar. This wood is naturally resistant to rot, decay, and insects. With its stunning colors and exceptional strength, cedar adds a touch of natural beauty to your outdoor space.

Redwood Wood Fence: Striking Aesthetics, Lasting Resilience

Experience the allure of redwood. Its captivating reddish-brown hues and resistance to decay and insects make it a top choice for a fence that stands the test of time. Enjoy the blend of beauty and durability that only redwood can provide.

Douglas Fir Wood Fence: Strength and Versatility at a Great Value

For a fence that combines strength, versatility, and affordability, consider Douglas fir. This robust wood resists warping and splitting, ensuring a durable fence that won’t break the bank. Its warm, reddish-brown tones add a touch of elegance to your property.


Regarding fence posts, rely on cedar and redwood for stability and longevity. Their natural resistance to rot and decay ensures that your fence stands tall for years.

Wide Range of Wood Fencing Options

With a wide range of styles, designs, and heights, our wood fencing options cater to your unique taste and requirements. From classic and rustic to modern and sleek, we have the perfect fence to complement your property and elevate its allure.


Rest assured, we only work with the highest quality wood. Each piece is handpicked for its durability, strength, and natural resistance to the elements. Our commitment to excellence means your wood fence will stand tall against time, providing years of unrivaled beauty and protection.

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We can help you design your wooden post and rail fence, as many options are available.

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