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Metal Fencing

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Aluminium and steel Metal fence options are aesthetically pleasing resistant to rotting, warping and deterioration. They are a popular choice for residential and commercial properties. At American Deck and Fence, we specialize in providing professional and reliable metal fence installation services tailored to your needs.

Residential and Commercial Metal Fencing Georgia

We are a veteran-owned and operated company serving property owners all over Georgia. Our skilled professionals possess the skills and experience needed to deliver top-notch metal fence installation. Metal fence enhances your property’s security, adds a touch of elegance to your outdoor space, and keeps your children and pets safe from going out.

Affordable Metal Fencing Installation Services in Georgia

We proudly serve clients all across Georgia: Mainly in Cherokee County, Forsyth County, Cobb County and nearby areas. We offer backyard metal fence and metal front yard fence services to protect your property from every side. Our metal patio and garden fencing services protect your property without interfering with your space’s aesthetics.

Enhance Your Property: Metal Fencing Installation

Metal fences offer a range of benefits that can greatly enhance your property. At American Deck and Fence, we understand the importance of choosing a fence that provides security and adds value to your property. Let’s explore the advantages of three popular types of metal fences: aluminium, steel, and powder-coated metal.

Aluminium Fences: Lightweight and Versatile

Aluminium fences are lightweight yet durable, making them easy to install and cost-effective. They are resistant to corrosion and require minimal maintenance. With various styles and finishes, aluminium fences offer versatility to match any property’s aesthetic.

Steel Fences: Unmatched Strength and Security

Steel fences are incredibly strong and provide exceptional security. Constructed from robust materials, they can withstand extreme weather conditions and offer long-lasting durability. Steel fences can be customized with ornamental elements, adding an elegant touch while ensuring strength and reliability.

Powder-Coated Metal Fences

Powder-coated metal fences combine the durability of metal with a beautiful finish. The powder coating process creates a vibrant, fade-resistant, and corrosion-resistant finish. With a wide range of colours available, powder-coated metal fences offer both visual appeal and long-term durability.

Metal Fence Panels:

Metal fence panels provide a classic and timeless look that can complement any architectural style. These panels come in various designs, patterns, and finishes, allowing you to select the perfect combination that matches your aesthetic preferences.

Corrugated Metal Fences:

Corrugated metal fences are an excellent choice for those seeking a contemporary and industrial look. The distinctive ridges of corrugated metal create a visually appealing texture while maintaining the durability and security expected from metal fencing.

Metal Privacy Fences:

Privacy is often a priority for homeowners, and our metal privacy fences offer the ideal solution. These fences feature tightly-spaced slats or solid metal panels that effectively block visibility and create a secluded atmosphere for your outdoor space.

Aesthetic Appeal with Endless Customization

We understand that every property has its unique style. We offer various metal fencing options, including aluminium, steel, and powder-coated metal. Whether you prefer the versatility of aluminium, the strength of steel, or the beauty of powder-coated metal, we can help you find the perfect fence that complements your property’s architecture and meets your aesthetic preferences. They can be customized with accessories, including finials, caps, rings and knuckles.

Stylish Metal Fencing for Pool Safety Compliance and County Regulations

Dive into peace of mind with our stylish metal fencing solutions, designed to comply with city and county ordinances for pool safety. Safeguard your loved ones and enjoy these benefits:

Safety First, Compliance Always

Our metal fences ensure compliance with regulations, keeping your pool area secure and minimizing the risk of accidents. Adhering to height, gate opening, and latch requirements creates a protective barrier that deters unauthorized pool access and prioritizes safety.

Peaceful Poolside Retreat

Our thoughtfully crafted metal fences not only meet regulations but also enhance the beauty of your pool area. With various styles, colours, and customization options, you can create a visually stunning oasis that complements your outdoor space.


Let us help you design your metal fencing and ensure you comply with local ordinances.

Metal Fencing

Our Hassle-Free Metal Fencing Installation Process

Assessing Your Needs: Tailored Solutions

We begin by understanding your requirements, property, and desired outcomes. This enables us to recommend the best metal fence options that suit your property layout, purpose, and customization needs.

Customization and Design: Your Style, Your Fence

We offer various design options for metal fences, including styles, heights, colors, and decorative elements. Our expertise lies in creating customized solutions that match your preferences and needs.

Expert Installation: Precision and Care

Our experienced team ensures a seamless installation process. We handle site preparation, precise metal fence post placement, panel attachment, and accurate alignment for a long-lasting, stable metal fence.

Competitive Pricing: Value and Transparency

We provide fair and competitive pricing based on project size, fence type, customization, and additional features. We aim to deliver high-quality work that offers exceptional value for your investment.

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Why Choose Us: Your Trusted Metal Fencing Experts

  • Veteran-owned company with a commitment to excellence
  • Extensive experience and expertise in metal fence installation
  • Meticulous attention to detail for flawless results
  • Dedicated to customer satisfaction and personalized solutions
  • Superior craftsmanship using high-quality materials
  • Transform your property with a stunning and durable metal fence


We are a veteran owned and operated company proudly serving commercial and residential property owners in Cherokee County, Forsyth County, Cobb County and nearby areas.

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